• Mamahuhu Goods E-Gift Card
  • Mamahuhu Goods E-Gift Card

Mamahuhu Goods E-Gift Card


Potstickers are are a joy that's meant to be shared. When you can't share a table with friends and loved ones, spread the love with a Mamahuhu gift card!

Note: This gift card can only be used on eatmamahuhu.com to purchase packaged goods for direct shipment, and is not valid for ordering ready-to-eat food OR potstickers from our San Francisco restaurants online or in person. To purchase e-gift cards for use in our restaurants, click here.

  • Chef Brandon teaching how to carve
  • Chef Brandon standing in front of Mamahuhu Restaurant
  • Tofu and mushroom dish at Mamahuhu

Meet the Chef

Brandon Jew

James Beard Award Winner & Michelin Star Chef

Brandon, the James Beard-Award winning chef-owner behind Michelin-starred Mister Jiu’s, is co-founder and head chef at Mamahuhu. Through his career, Brandon has cooked with the same spirit of creativity and ingenuity that early Chinese-Americans lent to the iconic dishes and flavors we still celebrate across America today.

And oh man, does it hit! Building upon this tradition of Chinese-American flavor, Brandon and the team at Mamahuhu create food that seeks to be not only delicious but also connects you to bold, time-tested flavors that feel both familiar, brand new and always … so-so good.

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