Eaten Yet?

Eaten Yet?

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Made in chinese-america

This is the story of what happens when three friends miss the Chinese-American food they grew up with and one happens to be a James Beard Award winning, Michelin-starred chef. 

Chef Brandon Jew was making a name for himself at Mister Jiu's in San Francisco. Meanwhile, Ben and Anmao were in Shanghai developing the city’s first organic grocer. When the trio came together, they mostly talked about Sweet & Sour Chicken and potstickers. Like way more than normal people would. 

What came out of it was a deep friendship, Mamahuhu restaurants, and all of the stuff here on this website. 

Mamahuhu is Chinese-American food we’re proud to eat. Mostly organic, but always yummy first. We pick picky ingredients because they taste good, and because we don’t really know any other way to do it.

Things We Care About

  • 真食好味

    The Good stuff

    Ingredients. That’s where it all starts, and ends. Not fancy stuff, not even necessarily premium stuff. Organic and thoughtfully created stuff. Produce that’s grown by folks who care. Animals that are raised by artisans who hold quality over cost efficiency. At the end of the day, the good stuff just makes the good food.

  • 飲水思源

    Memories, Anew

    The elders have paved the way. We thank them for the toil and sweat, the foundation they’ve built. Chinese-American cuisine is one of the most beloved foods we have in this country because of them. We’d like to pay homage, but with some fresh takes on the classics. Some added zing to the repertoire. Some moves that’ll make them proud.

  • 家方連心

    Family Style

    Whether it’s food or ideas, energy or intentions, sharing is what makes things rich. It’s what leads to bridging. In a world where things sometimes feel increasingly separate, we’re all about creating something for togetherness.