A Bay Area native, Casey is an accomplished contemporary artist working primarily as a painter, but also occasionally in media such as sculpture, graphic design and mural. His work is gorgeous, refined, intricate and always thought-provoking. Notably, Casey’s work can be found exhibited in many permanent collections such as the De Young Museum and at Stanford University. It can also be found adorning the walls of our Mill Valley restaurant. Casey is the creator of one of our favorite pieces of work: Chow Mane.




Find Casey's artwork in: Mamahuhu Mill Valley

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  • Kristina Micotti

    Kristina Micotti

    Bay Area, California


    Kristina Micotti is an illustrator and designer from the San Francisco Bay Area. Her style instantly puts a smile on your face. It’s colorful, playful, proud and bold. Her designs can often be spotted out in the wild in San Francisco, worn proudly on hats, tote bags, pins and the like. Kristina was the first local artist we worked with to commission paintings for our dining room, kicking off the idea of hanging two horses and two tigers in each of our restaurants. Her paintings now hang proudly in our Inner Richmond dining room and people still ask about them every day. Find Kristina's art in: Mamahuhu Inner Richmond, Mamahuhu 2024 Lunar New Year red envelopes

  • Niman Ranch

    Niman Ranch

    Westminster, Colorado


    Niman Ranch started in the early 1970s on a family-owned cattle ranch in Bolinas, CA, a small coastal town just north of San Francisco. Today, their network of more than 600 family farmers and ranchers throughout the country raises hogs, cattle and lamb - all operating under the mission to raise livestock under strict protocols and the belief that humane and sustainable methods produce the best possible flavor. Since Niman Ranch began, their cattle were Raised with Care® using traditional, humane methods with wholesome, all-natural feeds – the same way they raise them today. Their decades long commitment to their animals and sustainable farming practices such as rotational grazing and alternative energy choices, along with the superior flavor of their meat, made Niman Ranch Angus sirloin the obvious choice for our Broccoli & Beef. Taste Niman Ranch beef in: Broccoli & Beef          

  • Springer Mountain Farms

    Springer Mountain Farms

    Baldwin, Georgia


    Springer Mountain Farms, a collective of American Humane Certified farms based in Georgia's Blue Ridge Mountains, has been in the chicken business for decades. Their product quality, dedication to animal welfare, commitment to using 100% U.S. grown corn and soybeans in their chicken feed, the strides they take to reduce environmental impact is why we use Springer Mountain chicken in all of our beloved chicken dishes. Our Sweet & Sour Chicken just wouldn't taste the same without knowing that it comes from farmers who care about their animals and our planet.  Taste Springer Mountain Chicken on our menu: Sweet & Sour Chicken, Lazi Chicken, MSG Chicken, Chicken & Broccoli (Mill Valley only), Honey Hawthorn Chicken Sandwich, Tingly Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Super Savory Chicken Sandwich

  • Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen

    Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen

    San Francisco, California


    Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen is our pick for the best house-made deli nosh in the Bay Area. In 2021, we started a beautiful partnership with Wise Sons to celebrate "Jewish Christmas" by serving cross-cultural deliciousness on our menus during the holiday season. Past menu items have included Lox Rangoons (Mamahuhu), Scallion and Mala Spice Schmear (Wise Sons), Sichuan Spiced Bialy Breakfast Sandwich (Wise Sons), and Hong Kong Challah French Toast (Mamahuhu). Hungry yet? For centuries, many Jewish-Americans have chosen to dine at Chinese restaurants on Christmas Day (yes- Mamahuhu is open on Christmas!)- the first mention of the tradition hails back to 1899, when Jewish immigrants and Chinese immigrants lived in close proximity in New York's Lower East Side. Teaming up with Wise Sons is one of our favorite parts of the year - there's nothing better than being able to create something delicious and new by creating new flavors in honor of a shared tradition. What will we create this year? Get your tastebuds dreaming.    

  • Minus Coffee

    Minus Coffee

    San Francisco, California


    Yuenyeung, which means "mandarin duck" in Cantonese, is a beloved cha chaan teng (Hong Kong diner) drink combining coffee and milk tea. The Mandarin Duck, our play on this classic, was introduced to our menu in June 2024. The Mandarin Duck combines our malted milk tea and Minus beanless cold brew coffee.  Did you know that the mandarin duck is known to mate for life? Male ducks flaunt vibrant plumage while females don subtle shades of gray or beige. Their contrasting appearance is a symbol of unlikely harmony— an apt namesake for blending coffee and tea and for our partnership with Minus. When we first began to R&D our version of the Yuenyeung, we tried almost a dozen local coffees to find one that would compliment our malted milk tea. Minus’ beanless cold brew, made with upcycled fermented roots, seeds, and legumes, was the one that we kept coming back to.  Mamamhuhu x Minus isn‘t just about taste - our values line up as well.  At Mamahuhu we’re all about cooking the Chinese-American dishes we grew up eating, with transparently sourced ingredients. Minus beanless coffee is crafted with 94% less water and its production yields 86% less carbon emissions than traditional coffee beans, an effort that Minus founder Maricel Saenz committed to after seeing the effects of changing climate in her native Costa Rica. So no, don’t worry there's no duck in this drink — just a nod to a classic drink and a partnership aimed at a more sustainable food ecosystem. Taste Minus Coffee in: Mandarin Duck

  • Far West Cider Co.

    Far West Cider Co.

    Richmond, California


    Owned and operated by brother and sister Adam and Andrea Chinchiolo, Far West Cider is both a friend of Mamahuhu and the tastiest cider on planet earth. Far West uses delicious, high quality apples grown on their 100-year old family farm in Richmond, CA to create a range of signature dry-ciders that truly let the ingredients shine. In 2022 we launched one of our favorite collaborations to date with Adam and Andrea, creating a Sichuan Strawberry flavored dry cider called The Odd Duck. This is a seasonal product we aim to bring back whenever the strawberries say we can.

  • Zero Food Print

    Zero Food Print

    San Francisco, California


    Mamahuhu is proud to be a Zero Food Print business. Zero Food Print works to remove carbon from the atmosphere by partnering with values-aligned food businesses to crowd-fund grants to farmers, allowing them to transform their conventional land into regenerative farms. Regenerative farming repairs underground ecosystems, restoring degraded land into healthy, carbon-rich soil. When you order from Mamahuhu, 1% of the cost of your meal goes towards these game-changing grants for farmers and ranchers - an innovative "table to farm" movement.

  • Snow Jasmine, Yunnan Red, and Nantou Dark Oolong Tea | Song Tea & Ceramics

    Snow Jasmine, Yunnan Red, and Nantou Dark Oolong Tea | Song Tea & Ceramics

    San Francisco, Caliornia


    Song Tea & Ceramics is a storefront and tea tasting room in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. Song sources rare and exclusive teas and ceramics from Taiwan and China, collaborating directly with clean-growing tea producers and skilled ceramicists. Song’s flavorful, complex teas shine across our menu. Taste Song Tea & Ceramics at Mamahuhu: Jasmine Tea Soda, Fragrant Leaf Green Hot Tea, Dragon Phoenix Tender Heart Oolong Hot Tea, Wild Tree Yunnan Red Hot Tea, Dragonwell Garden Chrysanthemum Hot Tea