All three, please: Which boba topping is right for you?

By Mamahuhu

All three, please: Which boba topping is right for you?

So you’ve heard - we just launched boba drinks at Mamahuhu.

When you order boba at Mamahuhu, you start with one of our flavorful tea bases: Malted Milk, Mango Jasmine, or Hawthorn Hibiscus. While these teas are delicious and refreshing on their own, you have some choices to make: up your boba game with one of our three house-made add-ons; each adds unique textures and added flavor - a bouncy “QQ” bite, an herbal kick, or extra sweetness.

We offer three add-on options for our boba teas. Choose one or go for all three!

Boba pearls: Boba pearls are by far the most iconic boba topping; boba pearls put the bubble in “bubble tea”. We simmer balls of tapioca starch until perfectly tender and chewy, then soak them in a simple syrup for a sweet pop in your drink.

Grass Jelly: Less well known in the States but equally as delicious, grass jelly is made by cooking the Chinese herb mesona (a type of mint). It has a pleasingly bitter, herbal taste and a soft, Jell-O like texture, creating a delicious flavor contrast to the sweet tea base. Fun fact: the black mesona plant is full of antioxidants, and has been utilized for centuries in Chinese folk medicine to treat hypertension, diabetes, and liver diseases.

Sweet Vanilla Whip: Light as a cloud, our Sweet Vanilla whip is made by combining cream cheese, cream, and vanilla to create a foamy topping. Though often referred to as cheese foam on traditional boba menus, you can expect a light and sweet flavor from the cream cheese with an accent of sea salt. If fluffy cream cheese icing met Starbuck’s Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam, that’s our Sweet Vanilla Whip! The Sweet Vanilla Whip is a delicious addition to all of our tea bases, but we especially love it to add some creaminess to our tangy Hawthorn Hibiscus tea.

Boba drinks are now available at all three Mamahuhu locations and for online ordering and delivery. What will your first combination be?

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