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  • Snow Jasmine, Yunnan Red, and Nantou Dark Oolong Tea | Song Tea & Ceramics

    Snow Jasmine, Yunnan Red, and Nantou Dark Oolong Tea | Song Tea & Ceramics

    San Francisco, Caliornia

    Song Tea & Ceramics is a storefront and tea tasting room in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. Song sources rare and exclusive teas and ceramics from Taiwan and China, collaborating directly with clean-growing tea producers and skilled ceramicists. Song’s flavorful, complex teas shine in our Snow Jasmine Tea Cola, Red Tea Cola, and hot house brew.
  • Non-GMO Tofu | Wo Chong Co.

    Non-GMO Tofu | Wo Chong Co.

    San Francisco, California

    Wo Chong Co. is a family owned business that has been manufacturing Non-GMO tofu in San Francisco for four generations. Beginning as an in-home operation in Chinatown in 1935, Wo Chong is the largest and oldest family-run manufacturer of tofu and bean sprouts in Northern California. It’s no secret that we’re big tofu lovers at Mamahuhu - and Wo Chong’s soft tofu is the not-so-secret star ingredient of our Mapo Tofu house special.
  • Heritage Pork | Klingeman Farms

    Heritage Pork | Klingeman Farms

    Ephrata, Washington

    Klingeman Farms is a pioneering farm owned by the Klingeman family, who are advocates of humane animal husbandry and dietary practices. The farm is the first Non-GMO Project Verified ranch as well as the first US ranch to receive Food Alliance Certification. We fell in love with Klingeman Farms as soon as we visited. Today, their sustainably-raised pork is the secret to our Pork & Purple Cabbage Potstickers' irresistibly bold flavor.

  • Organic Tofu | Hodo Foods

    Organic Tofu | Hodo Foods

    Oakland, California

    Hodo Foods was born in a small stall in a California farmer's market twenty years ago, and has since grown to be a leader in the plant-based protein movement. We use their hand-crafted tofu — which is made right here in Northern California from all organic, US-grown soy beans — in our Tofu & Mushroom potstickers, as well as in our restaurants in dishes like our Hot & Sour Soup and Chrysanthemum Salad.